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Are you an Emergency Service Worker? Let us help you get back to work as soon as possible with our individual treatment options.


At The Injury Lab, we are Health and Fitness enthusiasts. We treat not only athletic injuries but also offer rehabilitation services through Strength & Conditioning programs.

Exercise injury’s

From bodybuilders to cardio enthusiasts, no matter what your level of fitness, if you have an incurred an injury whilst exercising, we are here to treat you. Our machine therapies offer the unique ability to help renew cells from the inside out.

Post Op

Have you recently had surgery? We not only offer Physiotherapy and Machine Therapy but also micro needling to help you heal your scars faster than ever.

Youth Rehab

Adolescents are often at risk of injuries due to many school activities or sporting commitments. We specialize in teaching adolescents how to rehabilitate their injuries and also offer Strength & Conditioning programs for a more successful athletic future.

Ergonomic injury's

Poor posture and repetitive strain related injuries are more common than ever before. At The Injury lab, we offer services to assist you in regaining a pain free lifestyle, including rehabilitation and strengthening programs to help alleviate any future occurrences.

Chronic & acute pain

For acute injuries or chronic, debilitating pain that has been occurring for a long period of time, The Injury Lab, has specialty equipment to treat your condition. Regardless of whether you have recently sustained an injury or you have suffered with chronic pain for many years we have the equipment and specialty Practitioners to assist and treat your condition.

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Treating Injuries is our Game!

We are a unique establishment treating patients with an array of machine therapies promoting cell growth and bone remodelling. We aim to fix the injury for good

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Dior May

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Bradley May

Strength & Conditioning Coach

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Karen Robertson

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Since the launch of The Injury Lab, we believe that by partnering with other key organisations, we can make a more significant impact in injury rehabilitation for the fullness of life. The Injury Lab has identified key partnerships that will help the global health agenda move forward

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