Frequently Asked Questions

No matter how much information we put out there, some questions will always remain. Here are the most asked

Health Fund Providers have a variety of different options so it will depend on the level of cover you have. Please contact your private health insurer for more information.


Your consultation will be approximately 40 minutes and treatment will take approximately 1 hour 30 mins. However, we suggest you allow 2 hours.

Yes, we will also provide you with our WIFI. Further we also suggest that you take the opportunity to relax and rest while being treated by our machines. This will help aid with your recuperation and allow your body the best opportunity to heal.

Once the machine treatment has finished please make your way to the receptionist desk. Our friendly reception staff will assist you further.

Our qualified Physiotherapist and Chiropractor will discuss your individual treatment plan with you.

We certainly do. For ease of your transaction, please bring your private health insurance card to your appointments as we can then claim your benefit automatically online. The receptionist will provide you HICAPS receipt. We provide EFTPOS for you to easily pay the required gap fee.


We have parking on site and convenient off-street parking available for our clients.


Hot/Cold Contrast therapy – You may feel very cold or very hot at the site of treatment due to the cold temperature of 3c and the hot temperature of 45c.


Magnetotherapy – You won’t feel anything however you may feel tired and lethargic after the treatment.


Interferential Therapy – There will be muscle stimulation (similar to a spasm) however this is perfectly normal. You may also feel heat in the area of treatment towards the end.


Vacuum Therapy – This technique uses cups as well as muscle stimulation. You may experience a pulling sensation or spasm however this is perfectly normal. You may also feel heat in the area of treatment toward the end.

We suggest you wear comfortable clothing.

  • Hot/Cold Contrast therapy we work through the first layer of clothing
  • Magnetotherapy will penetrate through clothes and casts
  • Interferential therapy requires 100% skin contact
  • Vacuum therapy requires 100% skin contact.


At The Injury Lab we accept Workcover, DVA and care plans.

Our friendly reception staff are available to discuss your claim with you and advise you of the requirements for claiming.

Yes, this will be covered under the physiotherapist or chiropractic session

Your initial consultation will be with our Physiotherapist or Chiropractor. You will then be placed on our machines depending on your prognosis.

You may experience some soreness, or even the sensation of being tired. We do not expect that you will experience any severe pain however If you find you do, please contact the clinic for further instruction.

Most certainly. Our qualified staff can set you up for top up treatment over your lunch break. The machines need 10-30mins to be effective

This is highly unlikely. However please contact The Injury Lab and our reception staff will be able to assist you and if necessary, arrange for our qualified Physiotherapist or Chiropractor to contact you.

Our qualified practitioners will explain every step of the way your treatment and rehabilitation plan for you.

Our receptionist will be available during your machine treatment and will be close by to assist if required.

Only the magnetotherapy machine will penetrate through casts. However Hot/Cold Contrast therapy will also work through bandages.

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