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Interferential therapy is the application of low frequency electrical current to stimulate nerve activity. This is designed to give you pain relief and increased blood flow to the injured area of your body, this therapy has been studied extensively and its effective relief of pain in musculoskeletal conditions.

The Interferential current is used in pain management of acute and chronic pain

Stimulation of the motor never to induce contractions of the muscle, parasympathetic never fibers to increased blood flow and improves cellular function.

What is electrotherapy?

Electrotherapy is a field of physical therapy involving the treatment of diseases of the neuromuscular system using currents with various waveforms, frequencies and intensities, as well as modulated in both amplitude and frequencies. It is used both in medicine and rehabilitation of patients, as well as complementing other forms of physical therapy.

Aids the patient in

• increased blood flow to accelerate tissue regeneration
• Electrotherapy also supports the absorption of swelling and exudates in the joints resulting from injuries and overloads
• Electrotherapy is also an inseparable element of rehabilitation of patients with physical disabilities
• The most desirable healing effects are stimulation of nerves and muscles
• Acceleration of tissue regeneration
• Muscle relaxation
• Pain relief
• Treatment of inflammation and tissue regeneration
• The range of possibilities offered by electrotherapy allows us to achieve a wide range of therapeutic effects
• Electrotherapy is particularly valued because of the safety and effectiveness in the treatment of pain
• Musculoskeletal system diseases- arthrosis, degenerative, rheumatic and discopathy diseases, back pain, osteoporosis, arthritis and periarticular tissues
• Nervous system diseases - sciatica, brachialgia, chronic inflammation of the plexus and nerve roots, neuralgia, inflammation of the peripheral nerves, neuralgia, irritation of the nerve root
• Diseases and pathological conditions of tissues – scars and contractures, wound and ulcer healing, exudates resorption, hematomas and edema
• Injuries and wounds – fractures, muscle injuries, pain related to injuries
• Weakness and impairment of muscle work – reduction of muscle tone, electrostimulation of denervated muscles, stimulation of disappearing muscles, rehabilitation of spastic muscle paralysis, treatment of increased muscle tone, increase in muscle mass and strength

How does electrotherapy help patients?

The electric current used in physical therapy has an impact on the electrophysiological processes occurring in the body’s cells. For this reason, it is used both in sports injuries and wounds, as well as in the treatment of diseases of the neuromuscular system (degenerative ailments, neuralgia, arthrosis or inflammation of the nerve plexuses).

What diseases does electrotherapy treat?

Electrotherapeutic treatments widen blood vessels and improve blood circulation, improve tissue nutrition and regeneration capacity. They increase the comfort of patients suffering from chronic diseases and support the rehabilitation of those with musculoskeletal system diseases. Electrotherapy has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, among others.

Electrotherapy supports the processes of recovery and rehabilitation

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