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Low frequency magnetic field therapy (LFMFT) is very efficient in the management of pain (acute and chronic), edema, and inflammation, wound healings, soft tissue injury, skin ulcers, bone unification, and osteoporosis. Magnetic therapy is a natural painkiller. Pain management is one of the most common applications for magnetic field therapy. Majority of research and use of magnetic field therapy has been for pain relief and pain management.

The force which activates the formation and diversion of cells is magnetic energy.

This improves circulation, reduce inflammation, cell regeneration and improves tissue healing processes.

What is Magnetotherapy?

Magnetotherapy is a physical medicine procedure that allows treatment with the application of magnetic fields. This method uses the positive effects of low-frequency alternating magnetic field on the body. Magnetotherapy supports regenerative processes – accelerates bone union, relieves edema and pain as well as shorten the time needed for recovery. It enables effective pain and edema treatment, even during post-surgery healing phase. The magnetotherapy is successfully used in both rehabilitation and pain therapy. The magnetic field stimulates the synthesis of collagen, which is a protein that is a part of our skin, tendons and even of the cornea of the eye. During the treatment, the magnetic field penetrates the body reaching every single cell, where, by acting on the structure of cell membranes, it supports cell repair processes, facilitating the penetration of oxygen and nutrients into its interior.

Benefits for the Customer

How does magnetotherapy help patients?

Magnetotherapy has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-edema and regenerative effects. In addition, osteogenetic effects and therefore acceleration of bone healing are mentioned among the biological effects of the magnetic field. Magnetotherapy devices are used in hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics, rehabilitation centres and many other health care facilities. It brings relief to patients by supporting wound healing and tissue regeneration. The effect of magnetotherapy on the body is based on the use of pulses with a frequency and intensity adapted to the individual needs of the patient. The positive effect of magnetotherapy on soft tissues and bone tissue is used in the pain relief therapy and acceleration of the healing process after orthopaedic treatment procedures and surgeries. This means that low-frequency magnetic field therapy is an effective and non-invasive method of patient rehabilitation. Applied in the case of degenerative diseases, it is able to inhibit the degenerative process that is taking place in them.

What diseases does magnetotherapy cure?

Magnetotherapy significantly accelerates the healing process in the following diseases:

• Musculoskeletal disorders such as discopathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, knee arthrosis, impaired bone union (fracture conditions), degenerative changes in the spine and joints, fibromyalgia, joint cartilage damage, achilleas tendonitis, rotator cuff muscle damage, osteoporosis, Pseudoarthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle inflammation, pelvic pain

• in the case of diabetes, e.g leg ulcers in the course of diabetes, postoperative inflammation, postoperative pain and oedema, burns

• Nervous system diseases, including diabetic polyneuropathy (pain and paraesthesia), nerve damage, cranial and peripheral nerve dysfunction, stroke status, multiple sclerosis

• Cardiovascular diseases, e.g., in the recovery from myocardial infarction, arrhythmias, ischemic heart disease, and hypertension

• Pain therapy associated with migraines and vasomotor headaches

• Skin and soft tissue diseases, e.g.,bacterial infections, keloids

• Eye diseases such as optic atrophy, corneal infectious diseases

• Gastrointestinal disorders such as colon hypersensitivity, chronic pancreatitis, diarrhea and flatulence.

• Weakness of the body by restoring vitality

• Upper and lower respiratory tract diseases, in particular by alleviating discomfort and reducing the period of illness

How do patients feel the magnetic field during the treatment?

Magnetotherapy is a painless, subtle and comfortable treatment. It can be performed through clothing, and also – if the treatment concerns an immobilized limb – in an orthopaedic cast. Our magnetotherapy machine is equipped with Sensory Indicators of Magnetic Field Activity that allow patients to feel mild vibrations that indicate magnetic field activity.

Magnetotherapy – indications and contraindications

• Magnetotherapeutic procedures are intended for adult patients. In minors’ treatments can be carried out only at the express recommendation of a doctor, after elimination of all contraindications.

• Medical clearance for people who have epileptic episodes, pathological changes in EEG or after neurosurgical operations. If the treatment involves wounds, bedsores, ulcers or burns in the exudate phase, the area undergoing magnetotherapy should be adequately treated (e.g., by applying a gauze dressing).

• Magnetotherapy can cause sleep disturbances, in particular for the elderly, it is better to refrain from carrying out procedures in the evening if possible.

• For people with respiratory illnesses and / or breathing difficulties, a semi-sitting position should be used to increase patient comfort during the procedure.

Contraindications for treatments are:

• Implanted medical devices (e.g.: pacemaker)

• Cancer

• Gastrointestinal bleeding

• Pregnancy

• Thyrotoxicosis

• Juvenile diabetes

• Pulmonary tuberculosis

• Severe viral, fungal or bacterial infections.

• Magnetotherapy procedures are also not performed on patients under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances.

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